Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Night With LuDow

This past weekend in addition to the Dragon Boat Festival, Boston Chinatown Blog also attended the spectacular sold-out concert at the Middle East which included LuDow whom BCB had interviewed in an earlier entry as well as the pregame and after party. 

The pregame was filled with a chilled atmosphere that at the same time pumped everyone up for the energetic concert. In their performance, LuDow along with Aaron King delivered sharp flows and brilliant wordplay with their lyrics some of which included personal, intelligent and conscious content. Also worth mentioning is the dynamic beats used in the songs. All in all it was an inspiring and uplifting set. 

Of course, the energy continued on in the after party. There were several group games, friendly conversations, drinks, savory clams, music, and cyphers. 

It was a great experience to see and interact with both the personal and artist sides of LuDow. The night was full of positive vibes. Check out his amazing work here

(Photo Credit Anna Rae)

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