Ununited Airlines

I realized that although I shared this video all over social media, I never actually did a post on the blog itself. I actually had the opportunity to be a part of this video and was happy to do it. Of course after posting Vincent Yee's post up I found that of course not everyone's opinion about the original incident was the same. 

But whatever your opinion about what happened, the parody is definitely awesome and worth watching. Plus I believe that parodies and creating your own content, is a positive to create change in the world. I had another opportunity to work with Tow Arboleda films... but I don't want to give anything away about it. Let's just say I am super excited about that video too and can't wait until I can share it and talk about how it has effected me. Other blog contributors were involved as well and I'm sure our opinions will differ as well. But it is important that despite differing ideas and perspectives that we are able to come together to create something. Whether it is this blog, or a video for Tow-Arboleda films or any of the other projects we are involved in.