Toisanese Pop

On somewhat of a side track from my previous post, while I have been getting more connected to Cantopop and Mandopop, I have been searching for a Toisanese equivalent for the past year. I have found Hakka Pop, Hokkien Pop, and pop songs in other Chinese languages easily. The Toisanese are not a minority group. Most of the overseas Chinese are actually of Toisanese descent. However, the Toisanese language is very different from Mandarin. 

Growing up, I always heard my mother and maternal grandparents and their friends speaking Toisanese. I understood most of it, but never spoke it. Even though this was their language of communication, my mother has told me multiple times how Toisanese is so foul sounding compared to Cantonese and Mandarin, with its strange tones and use of the back of the throat. 

Not until these past two years did I finally come to disagree with her on the perception of this language. Yes, I grew up thinking Toisanese was funny and ugly sounding. This thinking shifted when I started to crave to connect deeper with my roots 2 years ago. 

Through some personal research and personal experience, Toisanese in terms of phonetic structure is very similar to that of some Southeast Asian languages such as Vietnamese and Thai. Yes, there is V-pop and T-pop. I have heard some very beautiful songs in these music groups. So why no Toisanese-pop? It is totally possible. I have found several Toisanese traditional folk songs online. As much as I love them, I am still a child of this current generation and prefer listening to contemporary music. The creation of even one Toisanese Pop song or a couple could totally make a difference in the Toisanese mainland and diaspora youth's perception of the Toisanese language...