The Reality of Marvel's "Iron Fist"

When I first saw this I was like, "Yes the Chinatown's Superhero!" You know Like Hell's Kitchen got Daredevil AND Jessica Jones, and Harlem got Luke Cage... oh but no white guy instead even though he does Kung Fu.

Then a friend posted that this show was actually pretty good so I went ahead and started watching.

The first thing that others might say while watching me watch this is, while watching the barefoot hipster walk around doing Kung Fu is, "Dude that's you!"

I internally summoned my Chi to say, "F you man!" but I know why people would think I am crazy like this guy, lol.

But the funny thing is I have met about 10 or so people like the Iron Fist. That is not to say that they actually have super powers. I mean that they believe through training Kung Fu (although their Kung Fu is usually not that good technique wise) that they BELIEVE they have superpowers.

The Kun Lun mountains where Danny Rand learns are sometimes something similarly strange but often times not only were they a school in Chinatown, but sometimes my school. Like they were coming back to get permission to fight some evil force, even their family.. basically as weird as the movie.

I mean the plot was pretty much the same, Except they were actually crazy.

With Boston's Chinatown being so close to Tufts Medical Center, between drugs and mental patients... there was a lot of crazies coming into our school. I am sure this is true of many schools and businesses in general. But for a lot of people (not just crazies) it is actually Chinatown itself that was the magical  place.

The thing is if you are that crazy... again the plot is often the same in terms of fighting too. IE they can still fight a bunch of people not because they are good at martial arts, but because they are crazy.

Also, if people were not after them to begin with (IE they are Paranoid) by the time they start acting crazy around people, they draw the attention of the police or other people.

The character I actually most sympathized with  was the owner of the school. Of course I didn't own my own school.

As the story progresses it's just weird how reality is distorted in terms of the dynamic between Chinatown, everyone speaking Mandarin... these community groups being triads.... it would have been nice to have a story about a superhero cook who learned Kung Fu IN Chinatown... more like what Daredevil was.

Maybe the teacher at the Chikara will get her own series.