Help Save Mimi Chan's mother

This is cut and pasted from the Go Fund Me Page here
Hello, my name is Mimi and my family is asking for help to save our mother. In 1982, my mom and dad went to Guilin, China for their honeymoon. More than 30 years later, they wanted to revisit this special place that held so many memories for them. During the trip, my mom suffered from a lack of oxygen and was admitted to a hospital in a rural part of China. After a few hours, the doctors found out that her heart, liver, and kidneys were failing. By this time, my mom could barely breathe so the doctors gave her a tracheotomy. The rural hospital was so poorly equipped that my family ended up buying the basic equipment they needed in order to treat my mother like bed pans, towels, and sanitary wipes. The next day, she ended up with pneumonia and a high fever. At this moment, my family is stuck in this small town in China, unable to move my mother to a more modern facility, and she is suffering from stage 4 heart failure. Her medical condition is getting worse each day she stays here and my family and I are trying to bring her back to Boston to get her the medical attention that she desperately needs. The air ambulance costs about $250,000 but we can't do it without your help. Please help me save our mother.