Crime and Chinatown

So following our story of a lost connection... the person would have worked at the Four Seas, which is now Peach Farm. At first we had a bit of a detour thinking that the restaurant was at 64 beach, which was actually apartments at the time.

I once talked to Terry Guen (Amy Guen's daughter) about how distressing it was that whenever you look up stories about Chinatown... pretty much the only thing you will find is crime stuff. I think part of the reason for that is that is what is recorded either by the courts or the newspapers written by non Chinese.

Here is a case that involves the four seas that someone brought to my attention.

I'm sure someone would find this side story fascinating because I think it involves the Irish and Italian mob... but to me... it's a side story. (doesn't mean I won;t write about it at some point.) But it's just something that happened in Chinatown. It seems like Chinese were uninvolved. Basically it's other people came to Chinatown and decided to handle their violence there...thanks.

I heard that quite a few bodies turn up in the Charles river every year near very high priced real estate. But you won't hear about it in the news because that would drive property values down.

You never hear about how dangerous the Back Bay or completely gentrified neighborhoods technically are. You never hear about wealthy white night clubbers beating the crap out of other wealthy white night clubbers over anger and lack of self control that has nothing to do with organized crime or beef. But I can tell you that I read many police reports as a victim witness advocate for the DA's office with this sort of narrative.

I'm just saying... do you notice that when outside people come to an ethnic neighborhood to do harm to each other that somehow that guilt seems to start being associated with the people that live or own businesses there for no apparent reason? However, if the reverse is true, and say ethnic people were to target each other on Beacon Hill, even if Beacon Hill residents were somehow involved... they would remain guiltless and the story would focus on "invaders"...Something to ponder.