Friday, March 10, 2017

Chinatown Slow Street

There is a campaign to  get Chinatown to be selected for this slow street program.

Now many neighborhoods can benefit from this but I would have to say that Chinatown is one of the oldest neighborhoods that (has changed a great deal) but holds some of that original flavor. We have some of the old timers still involved in the community. And there are remnant of the cobblestone alleys where once children like Amy Guen frolicked safely.

But how many deaths have occurred within the last few decades due to car accidents? Where a child or a grandparent or even a teen was struck down by a car that coming off the highway didn't realize that they were approaching a community. I mean yes the driver may have known that Chinatown was a community by the way it is set up, it is easy to be in highway mode and then suddenly there is someone running across the street into their Gong Gong's arms or crossing the street, distracted by an argument.. and bam! instead of being struck by someone driving at residential speeds they are killed.

Now the area proposed in this petition is not necessarily the places of incident. (In front of Josiah Upper School, that highway between Ming's what was 88 and the Josiah Quincy Elementary... hell think about it, Josiah Quincy is SURROUNDED by highways.)

But I have to say anything is better than nothing.

I mean I live in JP and there are a lot of kids in strollers and mothers struck down around the J way as well. And Roxbury has problems too... We could do a lot better with City Planning. But Chinatown. Is a central location that everyone goes into, community members, tourists and extended Chinatown Family alike.

And honestly, I do feel that I have to be more strict with kids in Chinatown than in JP. In terms fo walking down the sidewalk.  

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