Tuesday, March 14, 2017

BBC Interview, Nanny or Mom?

Tow and Arboleda to another great job pointing out some flawed perceptions with humor.

Just check it out.  

If you haven't seen it, here is the original video. 

As you can see the person posting the video simply assumed that the Asian woman grabbing the kids was the Nanny. When I saw this, I actually just laughed. But many people were offended. I friend of mine even adding on the comments, "It his WIFE! What's Wrong with you people!"

Funny story, I actually got the police called on me because when I was carrying my Asian looking child to the park (I look more white, or perhaps Latino or middle eastern or"something.") it was assumed I was kidnapping him. After I had my second child, (who looks like my clone) I have never had that issue again.  

The important thing when talking about these sort of issues, and shedding light on a complex racial and socioeconomic issue, is to make people laugh. 

My wife (who is visibly Asian) asked if people would think that her kids were her kids. Well in the case of the first one, they look like exact copies of one another so there is no mistaking Mother and son. But at Dim Sum, she has gotten double takes when she is sitting next to the second one, who looks more white.

At the end, the Tow Arboleda video also makes the joke that perhaps the guy wasn't even wearing pants since the interview is waist up and maybe that's why didn't usher them out. I heard also that the kids thought the Professor was Skyping with their grandma which is why they wnet into the room in the first place. 

Some of the other comment controversies not brought up in the Tow Arboleda parody was that some say that he should have just went with the fact that his kids were there giving them a hug or whatever instead of shoving them out of the way. 

I have been known to do both lol. But I wasn't on the BBC. Actually this video is inspiring. We should do a parody too (if my wife would allow it) because in our case, it is my Asian wife who would be on an important conference call. The boys would run in. And then I (a visibly white guy) would run in to get them out. Except I would be yelling and screaming and anyone watching would be like, "Ahh who was that scary man stealing the children!"

Anyway, Great stuff Tow and Arboelda films.
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