Saturday, March 25, 2017

3 day sale at Aqua World

(Photo Credit: Connie Chan)

I remember going into this store when the Moh Goon (then at Tai Tung) had a fish tank. Interesting stories about my superstitions about Fish Tanks and feng shui are coming to mind... but I will put those in another post. I think this type of store has had a difficult time to survive, speaking as someone who has never owned a business. But think about it. You can probably buy supplies online, at competitive if not cheaper prices. As for DVDS  (or rather VCDs) of Hong Kong movies and CDs... I recall telling an American about one of these shops, after people were already downloading music and they laughed commenting, "People still make CD's? Yeah here, we're selling these A tracks too."

I was actually shocked when I was in Philly's Chinatown and saw that there was still a store that seemed to be renting VHS. 

Top Ten seems to have survived by getting into the Ginseng business and lottery tickets.  

But as the things that these businesses sell become cheaper or even FREE online, it is no wonder that they would close. 

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