Two Chinese New Year Parties

Today I'm going into Chinatown for two preschool Chinese New Year parties. I was pretty impressed with the dress rehearsals so far. At first I was not going to wear my Kung Fu uniform but the kids looked so cute in an improvised Kung Fu outfit. They just got big golden T-shirts and bought red cloth to tie up as a sash. 

It gave me an idea. Maybe if the Kung Fu T shirts I had had the outline of the Kung Fu shirt pattern, ie the Han style clothing, that would be way more than enough if it is in conjunction with the red sash. 

So anyway, I'm going to where the top because that way we will match. lol

I'm bringing along six kids as well, but we aren't doing any lion dance this time. Should be interesting. 

Should I take the kids out for food? or maybe just baos? Not sure.