Trumpigration: A series on perspectives of Trumps Administration so far: Introduction

I am seeing many articles and Facebook posts about Trumps new policies on immigration. I am reaching out to several people to share their stories with me, and this is the first one that was completed. In other words, there will be other. I would say that in the end all and none of them will represent what my personal view is. In fact my view is not set in stone.

The first post will  be about Tony Dang, a former refugee from Vietnam and an activist in Dorchester has a well informed perspective that may surprise and even anger some readers (and contributors) of the blog. If you want to share your perspective, please write in to me or contact me. The Chinatown Blog is about Chinatown and about Asian America. It doesn't lean left or right, up or down in theory.

But it is meant to be off the cuff, controversial, and heated. It isn't objective. It's inclusive of all opinions to record the feelings, sentiments, and perspectives as they are. If I thought I could get away with sharing everything I know without getting shot, sued, or causing personal damage to people in my own community... I would... that's what the fictional stories like "Kung Fu and Love" and "Kung Fu and the Invisible Hand" are for" to share the story without harming real people.

As heated as the debate about Trump is, it's not like I'm calling out so and so for their treatment of renters or who daya call it for their behavior at this restaurant, or even what's his name for killing or being killed or selling or buying drugs or embezzling money.

You see?

Trump is actually fun and sage to talk about, because as divisive and heated as the conversation can get... in the end, we're not talking about something we can actually control that's local. So I will put all sides up there.

So if you are a "liberal" don't hate... BLOG participate.