The Chinatown Report

I came across this site... and it is incredible... here is an interview with the founder.

How old is the site? 
going on the 4th year

 What is your role why is it important to you? Why should it be important to everyone?

The role of Chinatown Report is to share and promote all that is Chinatown - the food, the culture, the traditions. 

 I started  a blog specifically for Boston's Chinatown, though we visit other Chinatown's as well. Have you ever been to Boston's Chinatown? What are your thoughts?

Have not been in 6 years but love the Boston Chinatown.  

 What is you favorite Chinatown in the world

All around, it would be San Francisco. For food, Las Vegas by far.

What are the trends toward Chinatowns? I read an article that said the traditional ones are shrinking but new ones keep popping up

Traditional ones are shrinking, similar to how and why the little Italy's have shrunk. Chinese/Italians eventually earned more, bettered their lives and moved into better areas. New Chinatowns are popping up in places like Salt Lake City, Austin, Atlanta and more. There is also the geographical areas, like the entire San Gabriel Valley which is like one huge Chinatown in a way.

 I learned that in Germany you (by law) cannot have two Chinese businesses together. In other words, to prevent a Chinatown from forming. What are your thoughts on this? Are there benefits to just mixing altogether?

 Do not know much about this subject, but  find it rather surprising considering Germany has what seems to be very casual immigration policies.

 How did you celebrate Chinese New Year this year?

This year spent with friends and family. Attended the local (Las Vegas) events

 What do you see for the future of Chinatowns in general and if you are familiar with Boston's with Boston specifically. 

Boston is Chinatown Reports weak spot. Know anyone that can help?