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Well this is more Boston related than Chinatown Specific. I saw an interview with Tito in the Sampan.... We reached out for an interview too... but nothing yet. In any case, this will make the election time interesting. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Contact: Charles Onwuche

Statement from City Councillor Tito Jackson on GE's decision not to pursue a publicly-funded helipad

I am thrilled to hear that the voices of the residents and businesses of South Boston and the Fort Point Channel were finally heard by the Walsh and Baker Administration, and the sweetheart deal given to General Electric has become less sweet with the news that they will not pursue a public helipad as part of their relocation incentive package. I agree with GE. Boston's talent and resources make it one of the best places for any business to move to. Google and Microsoft greatly expanded their presence in our metro area because they appreciated Logan Airport's proximity to the center of Boston, as well as the well-trained and hard-working workforce that we have in Boston and beyond. I commend GE for reaching the same conclusion. It is a sweetheart deal that GE has sensibly stepped away from on Valentine's day. I suspect the hearts of Boston's taxpayers will not be broken today. I want to also congratulate the many businesses, residents, and community groups who successfully fought against the Mayor and Governor's incredibly ill-advised use of tax-payer money. I read with dismay, however, that the Mayor's Administration still wants to pursue a publicly-funded helipad. I ask them plainly to stop. We have spent too much time and treasure already.
We have better things to spend our tax dollars on. I call on the Mayor to instead fund the students of forty-nine Boston Public Schools that face $11.4M in funding cuts next year, rather than still push for a taxpayer-funded helipad even the corporate executives have now said no to.
We need to focus our energy, resources, and time in training more of our residents to participate in an economy that requires computer science, coding, and STEM skills. Clive Johnson in a recent article in Wired Magazine entitled, "The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding," implores us to develop and train a workforce of the future. The data about the Massachusetts economy shows us that we are not at a loss for great companies here, but of the talent to fill the companies that we already have. The savings from the helipad should go to train the workforce of tomorrow.

– City Councillor Tito Jackson