Protest At Reggie Wong Park

The CPA led a protest Yesterday at Reggie Wong Park. The park, which is owned by the state, may be getting sold to make room for a hotel or so I heard from people there. Turns out that was a bit inaccurate.

Thanks to Paulo Texeira for the Footage.

Here is a link that explains a little from Boston Realty Advisors

Here is Reggie Wong's Obituary. Uncle Reggie was  a great leader in the community. Of course many people remember him now.... but without a memorial will he be remembered two generations from now?

Of course there have also been concerns about this park being dangerous for kids to be playing on. Now they have been talking about the health affects from particulates from the highway.

In the past... well let's put it this way... I have never played on this park. I went on it once when the Volleyball tournament came to Boston. But as a kid, I don't think it was safe for other reasons.

Here's a Globe Article as well. Well, so what will happen?

It would be good if there could still be some sort of park for Chinatown, so that the community doesn't just lose. Also it's important for Reggie Wong to be remembered.

At the same time, simply stopping the hotel from being built would not necessarily mean a victory. There might be a way for the community to win and the hotel to be built. A new Park in a better location for Chinatown residents as part of the deal?

In any case it's something to watch.

Update: so Apparently my understanding of the situation was a misunderstanding.

Here is a correction from Linda See: Your post is a little inaccurate - the hotels in question are not on the park site. The park is part of the Parcels 25/26 MassDOT and Veolia proposal which is still up for bid. Technically speaking the RFP does require that the park be maintained somewhere onsite and at least the same size as the existing park, but it does not requirement improvement or expansion and there were no guidelines for its preservation during the construction phase, which would take years. The proposed hotels are on top of where See Sun used to be and where East Ocean City is, I think.