Dim Sum 點心

A personal poem about Dim Sum which isn't really about food...

in Cantonese means "to touch"

means "heart"

So 點心, Dim Sum, directly translates as "touching the heart"

點心 is a very touching custom to my heart

I don't usually go out for 點心

So, many of the most memorable ones I've had

Are with my 婆婆 (grandmother), 公公 (grandfather), and their children and other grandchildren

Usually large tables about 15 people

Spending brunch with these people so close to my heart

Every moment touched my heart

Cherishing especially the heart touching moments with 婆婆

Who now flies so freely with the other ancestors 在天堂 (in Heaven)

Won't forget your genuine, soft smile

Until your last weeks,

I always saw that caring smile embracing all your loved ones

你真的有心 (You are genuinely kind, lit. you genuinely have heart)

While 公公 usually talked about his past and younger years with pride and for granted

婆婆, you would usually ask questions instead

Like how's work

How's living with your friends

How's your meals

Genuinely heart touching questions 

Though my Cantonese is as broken as a piano missing keys

You still understood most of my off tune answers to your heart touching questions

婆婆 I know you are not really proud of your past 

And are embarrassed of the different lifestyle you grew up with before marrying 公公

But I'm so proud of you 

Of your heart touching ways

Your heart touching existence

Your heart touching meals

Your heart touching 利市 (red envelopes)

Your heart touching conversations

Your heart touching presence

婆婆你真的點我嘅心 (grandma you truly touched my heart)

So 點心 will always touch my heart with my cherishing memories of you 婆婆