Crazy Rich Asians

I saw a post by Jason Yee on Facebook. apparently yesterday there was a casting call for a new movie based on the book "Crazy Rich Asians" John Chu is the director...and the cast will be all Asian.

My video is past the deadline and didn't really follow any of the rules... but hey maybe BCB can get an interview out of it? Which I had known about it sooner. Could of done something with Adriana Li (a theater major) and Mandy Chan (Hong Kong film star and director) 

At any rate, it's pretty cool that John Chu chose to do a video casting call like that. With all the complaints (many legitimate) about Hollywood white washing this movie should be something to keep an eye on. 

BTW, heard that the John Willis story got turned into a Hong Kong movie and even a cartoon. (anyone have a link or title to that?) And the Hollywood movie hasn't come out yet.