Asian American TV Drama

 I recently wrote about the new Asian American Drama being produced by Asian Boston Media Group.  

Here is an interview with Leo Anthony about the project.

What brought this idea to fruition
    As you know, being among the Asian community for a long time now, I realized that Asians, especially     Chinese, Vietnamese and Koreans love dramas...what Americans know as soap operas. But they are all           produced across seas. My thought was to create an Asian drama series in the USA. This would be the first       of its kind here. 

 Why is it important to have an Asian TV Drama that is based in Boston and Quincy?
    The most important aspect is the Asian population is significant enough in the Northeast, and make it relate to life happening here.

 What is the population you are serving?
    Anyone and everyone to enjoy, as long as it's well received and a good show!

 Do you think that non Asians will be interested in this series as well. 
    Yes, because it's based here locally, with an American influence. And, there will be plenty of roles for non-       Asian actors.

 What language will the series be in... why?

    By all means, English. This show is based on Asian-American concepts

I'm excited to see this happening and it would be great to see more of this type of thing.