Wonton Violence

I saw this video on Facebook and had to connect with this awesome band.

Here was an interview I did with HKF. Also I think I have a new nickname to add to the many I already I have. "Cheung-bung" The Questions are me, the answers are HKF

Q: What does HKF stand for
A:  HKF is an abbreviation of my name, Hong Kong Fever.  Other members in the gang are Down-Lo Mein (D-Lo) and The Hunan Bomb (HB).  Add these to your acronym bank so you and your homies can LOL.

Q: (I am assuming you guys are in Manhattan) I heard that New York's Chinatown is actually doing a better job at curbing gentrification compared with Boston, but in your video it also seemed to be a concern. Can you talk about this?
A:  Gentrification is affecting all of New York City, with Chinatown residents being particularly vulnerable due to the language barrier and lack of a support system to keep residents informed.  We all know there are some crooked landlords out there, but imagine if you apply that corruption upon traditionally marginalized immigrants and who aren't aware of their rights as tenants?  Families get tossed (unethically) from their own community like yesterday's tofu and their livelihoods get destroyed.  For more info check out http://www.chinatownartbrigade.org/chinatown-not-for-sale/

Q: How did Notorious MSG start?
A: We all met in the kitchens of Chinatown, NYC back in the early 2000's.  We weren't content with the idea of working in restaurants for the rest of our lives, so like many pissed-off dishwashers, we formed a band.

Q: Do you guys have a message or is it more just about having fun?
A: Doesn't all media have a message?

For me, NMSG is all about blowing-out homogenized, complacent bungholes across the board. Being Asian American, we're part of an under-represented community... and sometimes a brutha's got to detonate a few ass-flaps to be heard. 

Q: I noticed a lot of Kung Fu and Lion Dance in the videos.. are you guys all part of a team? Which one? Do you go out on New Year's? Are you going out this New Year's? Do you have any cool stories about that?
A: This is a very thorough line of questioning. To answer all your questions:
1. No, but the location we used for our latest video "Wonton Violence" belongs to the NY Chinese Freemasons Athletic Club, a legendary lion dance crew in the heart of Chinatown NYC.  Check their FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/ChineseFreemasons/
2. See answer to question #1
3.  Sometimes.  We've marched in the Lunar New Year parade in the past, vid here
4. Probably
5. One year D-Lo ate too many moon cakes and blew up the joint with some legendary diarrhea.  Doesn't sound very interesting, but the smell was certainly something we will soon forget.

Q: What's your favorite Chinese Gangster movie?
A:  Probably 1989's "The Killer" with Chow Yun Fat, for it's comedic value.

Q: Do you guys do shows or try to get your songs played in clubs? 
A: We've played live shows since we formed in '02.  Haven't tried to entice the club-goers with our flavor, since mass-scale anal leakage isn't conducive for the dance floor.

Q: Actually I am doing a Chinese New Year event do you have any songs I could play for that are family friendly.
A: I believe the only songs that don't contain any references to the testes and/or rectal passage are: "Dim Sum Girl", "Chinese Jeans" and "Old Shanghai".