St. James Performance

We joined Woo Ching White Crane at St. James the Greater Catholic Church in Chinatown to celebrate the Chinese New Year. 

The hand form we perform is the Cross penetrating the heart fist. Although the reference in Chinese is not to Christianity in any form, I thought the name of the form is fitting and is one of the reasons why i have focused on teaching this form to the boys at Nativity. We also perform a fighting form with prop weapons that I made myself, and though they are not "real" or that stable, I am pretty proud of them. At least I know I can pretty much bring them anywhere and I can even let the kids play with them on each other. (Obviously they still have to be careful.)

After the Church celebration we went to a playground where we met up with Adriana Li. She played the Nian monster and Noah hunted her for a bit. You can also see that the newly refurbished Tai Tung Playground that I used to pick feces and heroin needles up on a weekly basis is looking fantastic. 

The building behind are getting knocked down or redone (any info on this?) 

The community is definitely changing fast.