Art Shows

As part of another hat I wear over at the Cape Verde News Network, I interviewed a young activist artist Amber Torres. She started telling me all about her work studying and researching Urban development and disadvantaged neighborhoods around the world, and that word that is famous in Chinatown kept coming up... gentrification.

I thought, "We should compare notes."

But then she went on to talk about all the work she has done with Urban Galas, presenting art for and by people from said disadvantaged neighborhoods through a program called, "Hoods of Boston." and I thought, "That would be a GREAT program for the 1CAC art center once it is all set and ready to open.

Basically I will be doing a more in depth article about Hoods in Boston on the Cape Verde News Network, but at some point I hope to build a bridge here and hopefully Amber Torres's name will son be on a Chinatown event.

Also the video poem she did on Dudley Street was fantastic and it would be great to see more of that sort of thing done about Chinatown.