Go Taiwan! Go America!

I was going to post some of the ranting crazy things I shouted this morning. But instead I will hold off on that. But I will do is post this old video of the Double Ten Parade and say positive things. Go Taiwan R.O.C! Taiwan is a great island. A democracy and our ally. America is a great country too. Do we have mistakes we are making.. right now? Standing Rock comes to mind... but all in all we are a great country.

I see a lot of articles against talking on the phone with a friend by our president elect.

I have had people act like I can't talk to some of my friends if I want to remain friends with them. I respect everyone but I do not allow others to determine who I talk to.

Frankly I have seen this same sort of thing that is happening globally on a micro-cosmic level, and even if you don't want to go around starting wars.. you do not allow others to tell you who you are friends with.  As for geo-politics? I guess I will get some quotes and throw some things together later.