Fertilized Duck eggs

We took a trip to Pailin Plaza again today to have an amazing lunch at the Red Rose and also do some shopping. Grace bought some glutinous rice flour to make some more Tang Yuans today. She wanted to try her hand at the Taiwanese style soup that is salty.

I looked at the prepared foods, Catfish skewered on a stick, and I was told they also made this with a mango salad. I had wanted to get this to go but in the end it slipped my mind.

We passed by some large looking eggs that looked like, "Are these duck eggs?"

The woman at the register told us that they were in fact fertilized duck eggs and then told us a hilarious story about a customer who thought they were unfertilized duck eggs and then broke them open for his children, who will now, no longer eat eggs.

I thought about getting them for my kids specifically with that intention.

Actually, now that I think of it, there is some educational value in doing that. In fact, cutting up a stomach or liver, or kidneys, is probably pretty useful too. I mean if you put that same type of thing in formaldehyde and have a teacher let you touch it with 30 other kids looking on, that's considered a good science program and you pay for the teacher, the building, the union...

But if you do that same thing at home... you can call it lunch too.

Of course it helps to have the books that show where the organs go or explain the development of the duck in the egg and afterward.

Maybe next time for the Duck eggs too then.