Comparing Chinatowns

I had asked Ken Liu, author of the Paper Menagerie, how he compared living in California vs. Massachusetts and what he thought of Boston's Chinatown. He said something that really got me thinking. That people tend to think that all the Chinatown's are the same (and in my own defense that misconception, there is a lot of connections between the Chinatowns organizationally and otherwise) but that each Chinatown has it's own personality.

Today going through the Chinatown in Brooklyn, which at first we had been led to believe was but one street long.. (which is true but it is one LONG street)  I felt the energy, promise and movement that seemed to exist in Boston;s Chinatown in the 1990's. And it was quite clean as well. As I mention in my other blog, there are videos to follow, but those have to be edited etc.

My fellow Contributor Adriana Li, took the trip with us ad probably has a ton to say about her own experiences of the Chinatown that many people don't even know about.