B.D. Wong "100 eyes" on Marco Polo

I binge watched all of Marco Polo. You know the more I watched the better it got, and I feel like all the concerns I had the beginning were not so much unwarranted (racism, sexism, orientalism, white savior depiction) but they were dealt with, especially in Season 2. It took me a while to put it together that the BD Wong I was seeing in the credits was 100 eyes. I just didn't recognize him. I mean his Kung Fu is good in this show. I know that film editing has improved and there are a lot of places where you can use stuntmen in a way that maybe you couldn't do so as easily in the past. ButI feel like BD Wong's hands are way better than the poses Marco is holding out. Did BD Wong learn Martial arts just for this series? Or has he been practicing all this time knowing that the "Old Master" role is not only inevitable for Asian Actors as they age.... but is probably also the most profitable.

They had a spin off episode about 100 eyes... and you could totally do a spin off series with BD Wong, Michelle Yeoh, and Olivia Cheng where they travel town to town saving people etc. This role could be what Miyagi was for Pat Morita.

It could also be more child friendly than Marco Polo.

Will they do it? I don't know. But I have to say this was one of the best Masters on screen I have seen in a while. I never thought of BD Wong as a Kung Fu guy. I know he did action movies before, but let me compare him to some other actors that do Martial Arts movies. His hands are way better than Daniel Wu in scenes where the actors are doing Tai Chi alone. BD Wong is better than Keanu Reeves as well. In fact at first I seriously thought they had just gotten a martial artists out of nowhere to play the Sifu. It's part of the reason why i just couldn't recognize him. I think he was more believable than Chow Yun Fat frankly. Is it more the skills of the film editor and director? One of the other Concubines, (not Olivia Cheng) looked horrible to me. And even the crooked minister, who is in many martial arts scenes where he looks competent looked horrible to me during the first few fights when he is trying to do Mantis.

I thought Maybe BD Wong took 10 years to master all sorts of Martial Arts preparing for this moment. If not, then he is seriously a fantastic actor that is able to just embody Kung Fu simply by pretending to know it or picking up for the purposes of the show.

I mean seriously, David Carradine always looked sub par. All that time playing a Kung Fu master and it seems he never really managed to pick it up.