My Christmas Story

            Christmas around is just around the corner. Growing up as a Jook-sing or ABC (American Born Chinese), my family didn’t celebrate Christmas. They didn’t grow up being part of the tradition, so for them they didn’t celebrate it with me and my brother. The only thing they did do around December was plug in a ceramic Christmas tree lamp, and put it by the window in my room. It was a nice lamp and it felt very festive.
At the time, it didn’t bother me because my parents didn’t make a big deal out of it so I didn’t make a big deal out of it either. On TV, all you can watch was A Christmas Story and other Christmas movies. Even the kids at Josiah Quincy School, didn’t say much about it since they were on the same boat as I was. Then one year later, after Christmas vacation, one of the teachers asked who got presents from Santa or from their presents. What I remember most about that day was the number of hands being raised. I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t raise my hand because the hand raise would only show how I wanted to feel like being part of something. When the truth would’ve been falsified anyways.
The year after, I decided for me and my brother to finally understand the feeling of getting presents on Christmas. My Brother and I saved some money from last year’s Chinese New Year. The only store we could get to with the access to toys was CVS. We both agreed to get an action figure for each other and not those plastic army soldiers. We went to CVS and each took turns looking for a toy, while the other looked at the magazines. We paid separately but left the store together. We asked the cashier to double bag the toy, so that way, the toy wouldn’t be able to reveal itself. When we got home, we didn’t have wrapping paper. We used Chinese newspapers to wrap the toy and used color pencils to write our names on it. We left the presents next to the ceramic Christmas tree lamp by our window. On Christmas day, when we wake up we both said Merry Christmas to each other and handed each other the present. My Brother got me an X-Men toy and I got him a Power Ranger. The tradition didn't continue the year after but it was the thought that counts and it was enough to say it was a good Christmas. 🎄🎅