Safety Pins: By Shaina Lu

The following is from a Facebook post by Shaina Lu, copied and pasted (with her permission of course):

I am tired of safety pins.
A few months ago, BEFORE the election, a man on the T yelled at me for my entire ride to Chinatown, pointing at me and saying, "Trump says you'll go back to China!" He did other obscene things, including, but not limited to, performing fake kung-fu, calling me Chun-Li, and air-punching me. Not a single person stopped him. No kind white liberal intervened to say, "Hey man, stop..." Some people snapchatted it. The woman next to me looked at me sympathetically.
During this time, I will not be looking for who has a tiny glint of silver on their shirts. I don't care if you wear a safety pin, or a BLM shirt, or a goddam rainbow top hat.
PLEASE just DO or SAY SOMETHING. Then, I will know you are "safe."

If I see something, I promise with every inch of me that I will do something. Friends (that I have yet to befriend), I won't leave you hanging as your eye desperately roves around the T, searching for help. I'm coming to you.