Recruiting for 1CAC Gallery

Had the opportunoty to look at some art with a friend on Newbury street tonight.

And it would definitely be cool to have an event like this in Chinatown with a Chinatown spin to it. 

In fact viewing some of the art gave me ideas for stuff I want to create myself. 

It's hard when you have the kids but I envision some large pieces like this with a Mah Jong theme

Perhaps an artistic rendition of my childhood experience of going into the gambling dens as a kid with my Dad too, and those craps games and having Dominoes and dice and chips all over the house, and juxtaposing that with Old women playing Mah Jong for hours on end sometimes forgetting to even eat, and what this means for the community and the psyche of all that.

But that's just in my head, where as this art is here and these artists are already producing work. Can't wait to connect with them and put those connections to good use in Chinatown and bring other neighborhoods together in one great meeting place. 


Unknown said…
Do you paint or sculpt? You should totally do this.