Quic Pic Barbecue Turkeys

(Photo Credit: Wing Kai To)

Well we just finished our own Turkey. You know, it occurred to me while eating this a) Turkey is a healthier alternative to Pork. and b) the Turkey Breast was like Char siu, but the fattier parts tasted more like duck... so it's like you get two types of siu lap in one animal. We were lucky enough to get our bird before the line. But yeah I can see why there is a line. Gong Gong had us pack up a quarter of a Turkey to bring down to Amah in New Jersey to taste it.

In fact Gong Gong was pretty skeptical when he saw it. Like "What is this? what are you doing? this is American style?"

But once he tried a piece he changed his tune and the whole mood changed too. "Oh this is lik ethe Cantonese Cha siaw huh?" Well, ordering from Quic Pic was a success for us this Thanksgiving.