I came across an article on Facebook about MSG having gotten a bad rap and that actually our senses have  deceived us all this time and that the real reason why people get headaches is not from MSG but racism, and that when the Ah Pau and Ah Bak complain that a dish... wah di mei jing ho sai lei, or that they had loka di mei jing ho gun yieu, that this was not in fact there ability through cooking at home and cooking in a hot kitchen in Chinatown or some suburb that served American Chinese Take out to discern when too much MSG was being used, but in fact the poor product of internalized racism put there by the evil white man, who actually they did not pay much attention too since all of the media they watched was copied VHS TVB and ATV soaps from Hong Kong and that Lo Fahns and Gwai Los were the one that liked this powder to be put into their chicken fingers and wings because they didn't know how to eat properly and drink the bitter melon soups that cooled the body to counter act the yeet hei that came from being around all that oil all day...

No, actual Chinese people who did not even speak English and who would say in China (where they are the majority race) that some places (not all) added too much MSG the way you can add too much salt, were in fact, completely mistaken about the headaches and the dehydration that they must have imagined.

After all the younger generation (and some older, like Bourdain, who I will give a pass to because at least when he talks MSG it is funny) who may or may not be Chinese, or even Asian, but obviously know more about Chinese food than actual Chinese people that cook the herng ha home cooked food at home as well ats the restaurant stuff, point to the fact that many foods have MSG in them that occur naturally, and so the whole, "MSG is bad for you" is simply a racist myth.

Of course, Tuna Fish has Creatine.. and mercury in fact... and so hey taking creatine and hell, ingesting mercury... after all they used to play with the stuff in grade school in my mother's generation... must be fine right? To say otherwise must just be racism against, whoever. Who cares. Let's just start making stuff up to get people angry about it.

Look, let's just look at MSG like salt. You put some salt on your vegetables or on your chicken. It tastes better (depending on your preference) But pour all of the salt out on that and you will have some serious issues when you actually eat it.

Sure MSG occurs naturally. So do sugars. That doesn't mean that your body can handle high doses of it without affect. Perhaps some of the symptoms of food coma have more to do with the highly processed nature of Cherng fun or hau fun or any kind of noodle fun and even rice mixed with the grease that it is cooked in. But that doesn't mean that MSGs effect is imagined.

My dad told my mom not to eat too much Lap Cherng because she would get a headache from all the MSG inside the sausage. Of course he used MSG when cooking in the restaurant, but probably tried to avoid it at home. He was part owner in a restaurant. I also spent a good deal of time sharing beds with restauarant workers newly arrived from China, who did not pay attention to what the white majority thought about them yet at all.

You think that you know more about these guys about whether Mei Jing is good for you or not? People who actually make the food and stir the lard and dish out the Chinese Take Out orders for hours but then have to cook their own separate food because they consider the stuff served to Americans to be inedible?

So when a Chinese customer in China eats a dish and thinks, "too much MSG" in a country where he is the majority ethnic group... that's racist? or internalized racism?

I never say "no MSG" when going to a Chinese restaurant. The truth is I believe that most restaurants are going more toward authentic Chinese food and put less MSG anyway because that's what people want. But every once in a while I eat at a place where the food makes me crave more, and sort of high, and I drink way too much tea and start eating like crazy and I do feel a nasty buzz of something afterwards. Because they use more than I am used to.

And even if you were to say "No MSG" your food will still have some residue in there.

Maybe MSG isn't all that bad for you... but c'mon you really think that it's all in your head? Maybe alcohol is all in your head then too? And caffeine?

Fai wah


Unknown said…
The debate about MSG would make a good comedy skit. It could be compared to other things that are often divided amongst Asian opinion and the concept of internalized racism, I think.