Tomorrow is the Lion Dance competition and it is a big day for me because I will be bringing a group of fourth graders, to compete from Nativity Prep. Actually, because of some last minute issues, my sons will actually be leading the group... and if I have any friends who will be there and not competing, I may very well need help with gongs and cymbals... and at the very least some adult supervision over gongs and cymbals......please help.

But no matter what we are going to go out there and do out thing and complete the routine and it's going to be great. Also I will be trying to run around and interview people from the blog, or Adriana will... okay it's going to be a bit chaotic but it's going to be exciting man. I'm going to enjoy myself no matter what happens.

For the last practice on Wednesday I actually happened to meet Sifu Mai Du that day, and something that she said, corresponded directly with something that a Nativity teacher said.. for me anyway.

From Mai's philosophy, she said to just do your life's work following your heart and everything will fall into place. I noticed in the conversation that she was very much in tune with herself. Something i need to work on.

At Nativity, the idea of Magis was brought up. A philosophy and term coined by St. Ignatious Loyola, creator of the Jesuit order, the order tat runs Nativity. The idea (from Wikipedia) is to do MORE for God. To work for God. To think about what else you can do for God on a daily basis. To me, that is an Abrahamic way of following your heart.

But it can also mean to be more. To be all you can be, if you want to use the Army's tag line.

On Saturday, that is my goal. I mean what I am doing, in a way, makes no sense. It's sort of crazy actually to do what I am going to do and some would say fruitless in terms of money for sure. But the kids are going to have an experience,. Nativity will have been a part of this effort.. there is a lot of positive pay off from doing the Lion Dance classes and the competition. Even if the kids are nervous as hell and some of them might not want to show up because of that nervousness. I'm nervous too.

But I'm looking forward to it. Even though i know my kids are going to have to go to the bathroom a ton of times and I may very well be running around trying to do 10 things. Actually, maybe I should just make a point of it right now to slow down and chill out because running in circles won't do anything.

I'll have time to get pictures and I'll compete and the kids know the routine as well as they will. So yeah I just need to chill and enjoy myself. Let everyone enjoy the moment.

It's going to be Magical.


Unknown said…
I like Mai's quote about life's work. Can't wait to meet her myself!

This competition is going to be awesome chaos!