How to hire a Calligrapher in Chinatown

Well after an Oddyssey going through various Chinatown shops, W.K. was able to hire a calligrapher through Gilbert Ho of Chinatown Mainstreet The Calligraphers name is Mr. Jiang.

And in a weird way, it seems like the best way to hire a calligrapher is to start off by doing exactly what W.K. did, and ask about in on the Boston Chinatown Blog Facebook page, get me to write about, which got Gilbert to respond.  

There is the digital media Chinatown, which Bisects with the physical Chinatown, but you sort of need both nowadays because Chinatown has changed so much. You can't go into every store and there is someone who knows how to do Calligraphy. But there are still people around, and Social Media is the quickest way to find  who you are looking for. 

We'll try to get a permanent ad on the blog fro Mr. Jiang... but because a lot of the older generation doesn't use Facebook, or maybe they have We Chat (which I actually don't understand) the connections still end up happening through this indirect way. A friend of a friend of a friend. 

But yes in terms of the blog, ideally you go on here click on a calligraphy box and you are connected to an artist who can do it for you.  We'll try to make that happen soon.