Tuesday, October 18, 2016

On Tyler Street

Top: Millennium Tower hovering over Chinatown
Bottom: "Our Land" found on the sidewalk outside Parcel R-1




This is a line taken from Chinese poet Du Fu's "A Fair Lady". A man takes a second wife and he spends his time attending to her smiles and has no time to hear his first wife's cries. We usually use this phrase to describe relationships, but I thought it was fitting to use it with this photo. As you may already know, Chinatown is slowly (or rapidly, depending on which way you prefer to see it) being surrounded by these new skyscrapers. And then you have folks who are leaving this short but powerful message on the sidewalk. Our land. Public land, public good. (last part is not pictured)

The question is, who will be heard first? Luxury building developers or Chinatown's residents and the public? Who will be attended to first?