Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lion Dance Seminar

The Lion Dance Seminar at Harvard's Yen Ching auditorium was pretty fun. Almost like a family reunion in lecture form. We should do more stuff in the Universities on the weekends. 

The Master is demonstrating the Buddha here.

Noah went up to drum
And demonstrate Lion King. 

Here is GK member and Boston Chinatown Blog contributor... Adriana Li! Sorry I didn't get a good picture Adriana.

There was an audience of attentive students and Sifus. 

And then there was Noah and his friend looking at Pokemon cards. 

Actually when you think about it, there is a correlation between Pokemon and Lion Dance right?

More to come on this seminar and details and contacts made. Hopefully Adriana got better pictures than I did. There is some footage too but it was a lecture more than a performance so we shall see what I can turn it into in terms of a video to post. 

All in all, a good time though! I feel like this should be done more often.

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