Thursday, October 6, 2016

Jesse Watters racist Chinatown piece

So I got a clip and was told to "rip the segment to shreds." I read  and I looked at the Asian American groups that have called him out. It reminded me of when Jimmy Kimmel had kids talking around a round table and the kids said "Just kill them" referring to Chinese and that back lash.

I think it's important to react with back lash and protest. Why? because it shows that your particular race or ethnic group is strong. That way one some stuff really happens they will think twice about it.

And I say really happens because the piece angered me a little, but why?

I'm not going to show you a link and I almost didn't even want to write this piece... because why mention it? Why keep talking about it? But I decided I will because maybe people want me to on the Asian side.

First off, I wasn't THAT offended. Basically it shows me that this guy is a jerk and that some people are pretty ignorant. But this is Fox news and I knew that already. I think that there were some assumptions here that yes, were wrong, but O'Reilly did an okay job of mentioning them.

I think if I went around with a camera and asked people, you might find that the support would go 60-40 in Trump's favor. Because I've walked past them mid sentence,

Ironically a lot of these Chinese guys who don't speak English are basically red necks except they tan well.

A lot of the old people who didn't speak English... dude if you ask them in Chinese... they may very well be Trump supporters. You think they give a crap about some racial slurs? You know where these guys are from and how they grew up?

And this gwai lo with the mic, please. What is he but a gwai lo. Who cares?

The old guy at the end gave Watters a lesson and Watters ended up saying, "That guy didn't like me." The told man scolded Watters like he was his son.

The offensive stuff was more how everything was edited and that when asking a stupid question, you didn't get to analyze the whole thing.

Why would you ask a Chinese American, "Can you take care of North Korea for us?" The fact that the woman speaks English, I can pretty much assume that politically her ties are to the U.S. and the Western backed governments. Taiwan... Hong Kong before it went back. These people will pick up guns for the States before Watters will. That's why he's stupid.

But actually its not so much that he or Fox should apologize. It's more like they should go back to Chinatown with someone like me and actually talk about this stuff and leave out the stupid edits of stock footage.

The piece is racist yes, but NEWSFLASH a lot of white people are racist on FOX news. I went to school and roomed with people like that. And some of these people might even end up going to China and living there and really liking the culture (and still misunderstanding it)

The piece was an insult. Backlash= good

But backlash isn't my first reaction. This blog is my reaction.

Tell our own stories.

I honestly prepared myself when I saw the image of the clip of the guy talking to two Asian women, because I thought that the back lash was going to be about him asking questions about the Asian female private parts. He probably had that question but just didn't ask. If you don't even know what I'm talking about, good. I didn't even really find out about this stereotype until college. Though after hearing it a flashed back to a Woody Allen movie I had seen as a child and asking my mother, and my mother just saying to forget it.

Which is the best solution.

That's why I kind of didn't want to write this piece.

I'm going to go on a tangent here.

Jackie Chan's movies in the 90's are all about  Asian's being just as good a the West. How "we can do stuff too" and a lot of times the villains are Caucasian. But his more recent films don't even have Caucasian actors. It's like, "China is powerful and you don't even need to mention white people." Now we have stuff starring Matt Damon, and that's just about money, breaking through the barrier of the Western Market.

But just because China has come a long way, doesn't mean that people like Watters have caught up.
I would put this piece in the same category as movies like "Kung Pow" and all the 80's films like "Big trouble in little China" I guess it's right when Yoo (in the article I WON'T link to)  said that Watters's piece put Chinese back 5 years or so.

But that's in the white perspective.

Honestly, although that's not necessarily my target audience, I know from past comments (actually from the OLD Chinatown blog) that my readers sometimes include people with that mindset. There's no point in yelling at them. SHOW them.It's like Jason Scott Lee in Linda Lee's Bruce Lee story.

I mean Watter's assumed, "Oh yeah they hate me." Dude if they really hated you, you would probably be dead. They just know what you're about already and tolerate you.

But I'm really not the guy to write the backlashes to these pieces. Most of the racism I have experienced is actually from Chinese people and I just swallowed it until I exploded over some small stuff. In some ways, I do want to do stuff in way that is similar to Watters to break the ice... but then actually show the culture instead of cutting to a clip of some weird Frankenstein movie. A lot of the pieces I have done, I have been wearing the mask of the ignorant white guy. Because old Chinese people will tolerate that more than who I actually am.

and BTW, me and my Sifu have played deaf and dumb just like that guy holding the cigarette and China will do the same thing when it is in our interest. Just because someone isn't looking at you doesn't mean they don't see you. Just because they don't answer doesn't mean they don't have one.

If the older Chinese generation REALLY hates Watters after watching this? Then he should be careful. If you want to make generalizations tying all Chinese together with the mainland government let's take a look at Deng Xiao Ping as an example. He knew back then, that the relationship between the U.S. and China would be what it is today and maybe he saw even further into the future. China was a third world country back then. Hard to hard just wouldn't work. So China had to use soft against hard and other tactics.

What tactics?

There are a few books. the 36 Strategies, the Art of War, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

He planned.

He waited.

.....what are WE, the United States,  doing?

Making stupid jokes apparently.


  1. This is better than anything I would have written instead.

    I also have received a lot of the racism I experienced from Chinese people. But this question of progress in the end is exactly what we should all be wondering.

    What are we doing about it?

  2. This also reminds me to write about the aforementioned stereotype of Asian women's bodies to Woody Allen reference and rip him to literary shreds, as well.