Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Good Luck Soup Review

Post viewing update:

I will figure out how to deal with the footage I took of the post screening discussion afterward. But some quick things that stood out to me:

This was an extremely powerful movie for people who are of mixed race heritage and I was surprised at how much of the audience was mixed race and the variety of their looks.

Secondly, the heritage of the director's grandmother is so important because as he mentioned, the Japanese culture that his grandmother passed on to him is actually 19th century Japanese culture. Japan has changed. He addressed this saying that modern Japanese have corrected him letting him know that many of the thing sin the film are no longer true. But to me that makes his families lineage that much more rare of a jewel.

I want to share this movie with SHOWA Boston because I think it is very important for modern Japanese students to know a little bit about the Japanese American experience and this movie is beautiful in that it is so much about everyday life.

It's an American story more than a Japanese story or an immigrant story.

I wanted to tell the director that his grandmother and these Youtube videos you are making of her after the movie are gems in themselves as well. he mentions the culture itself possibly dying out in his family with each generation. But from my experience Grace has definitely connected with the cooking of Chinese food through Youtube. In other words, for other people that have been separated from the culture, the videos could be a way back. Of course people not part of the culture at all could learn which means more subscribers and money. But also, it could be a way to preserve the culture and pass it down.

I also wanted to talk about my experience as a mixed race child in Chinatown, but so many others spoke I figured what was the point. The interesting thing for me (and I have written on this before) is that in my older son's kindergarten class, I think one of the major segments of "ethnicity" in the class were people who were not only mixed, but specifically mixed with Asian. So not to say that he won't have his challenges growing up. But being made fun of for being part Asian just seems like it will be ridiculous at my children's school because so many others are also from the same background.

here is a link to Mathew Hashiguchi's ongoing project online.

Adriana posted about this earlier.

 Oct. 18 Tuesday, 7:00 PM, 'Good Luck Soup' Community Screening, FREE

Bright Family Screening Room at The Paramount Center, 559 Washington Street, Boston, MA

And the 18th is tonight! going to check this out soon at the Paramount!

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