Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Jade Pendant in Boston's Bracelet of jewels.

Right no, every day, people walk home to the Ink Block from the Financial District. Or perhaps they are even coming home from South Station

In any case they walk this little path along the highway past One Greenway.

A site that over looks an older section of Chinatown. The back of the CCBA building, Nai Lun Association, where my father used to take me along on gambling adventures as a toddler.

This spot will soon be BCNC's 1CAC.  A live theater, a gallery and a space where Bunker Hill be offering classes.  

On the edge of traditional Chinatown, where there once was just highway, and before that a community that was knocked down by that highway, there will be a 5,000 square foot community space to showcase artwork. Cutting a space along the highway, this could be the cutting edge jewel that attracts the attention of Ink Blockers and tourists from south station to the benefit of Chinatown. If it is able to showcase art with that controversial flavor that brings in people who say, might not feel comfortable joining a Family association...then it could really trumpet in a new era for Chinatown that benefits ALL members of the community. I mean if 1CAC is able to replicate some of the success produced by Boston's ICA for instance.... imagine the possibilities for Chinatown Businesses and Asian American Culture in Boston as a whole.

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