Monday, September 26, 2016

Which way does the Chinese American Vote swing?

I was asked this by some friends and really it's all up in the air.

A lot of Chinese are dems and a lot are Republicans. Some have very left leaning and progressive views but something that is very inherent in Chinese culture is business business business... especially the traditional Chinese beliefs, where money is burned to ancestors and bribes are made to get into heaven

Watching this debate I will point out that the ultimate Chinese political books are for traditional Chinese are

1) The art of war

2) 36 Strategies of war

3) Romance of the Three Kingdoms

And you can throw in the Dream of the Red Chamber as well.

Justice AND Strategy are both valued.

Will this debate change anything?

Not sure.

Personalities are actually everything.

Hillary is using the same argument that Bill used against Bush Sr. and Ross Perot. It's the same debate.
But Trump is not the same candidate, and times have changed.

And whether Chinese Americans vote one way or another, the beginning of this debate is all about China. It would be interesting to take a poll in Chinatown and see who wants to vote for who and why.

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