Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Most interesting man's son goes to the Yuet Pavillion

Okay so I know The Most interesting man is a fictional character made up by Dos Equis. But I swear I know this guys. or at least his son...

So he went out for a night on the town and of course women flocked after him and one of them pulled him aggressively over to the Yuet Vi, not that he remembered the name of the restaurant without looking at the receipt the next morning. I'm not using the real name but anyone who knows already knows. And if you don't know, then I'm not bad mouthing the restaurant. As for advertising for them... I think they are one of the most successful restaurant sin Chinatown and serve a specific niche clientele.

"Very sketchy place, I mean I did not see.... any Chinese in there. It was mostly like guys with the tattoos. We were drinking Soda, except inside of the can was not soda. So I was thinking, you know what, I mean how likely is it that they washed this can. I mean someone drank from it and then someone pours this other thing that we are eh drinking in....So how safe is that. But whatever."

You know there were a lot of shoot em ups there?

"Yeah I believe it but, my friend, you can not let this bother you. Stay calm and it will all pass by.

But the thing is so at this one table there is this really BIG black guy...fat.... just sleeping. And at ah the same table you have this guy who is talking.. to the entire restaurant... the entire night. And the thing is.. nobody cared. Nobody even looked at him.

So the woman  I was with.... she is telling me all about her boyfriend and how famous he is and she really wants me to bring me over to his house so that she can cheat on him with me. My father, " (his father the Dos Equis guy, the most interesting man in the World), "always told me, 'There is nothing lower than the hammer head eshark that tries to take the sword fish from the Old Man and the Sea.' So I did not want to hear about this woman's boyfriend. I realized I should have gone with the other group of women, a mistake which my father-" (His father the Dos Equis guy, the most Interesting Man in the world) "would not have made. ..

"But the dumplings were very good. I did not even care. I just ate all of them and then she didn't want hers so I ate hers too.  Well I caught a cab with this aggressive woman who tried to get me to come back to her place... her boyfriend's place.. .on beacon hill.  I told her, 'The cab will go t your place and then to my place in Beacon hill, that is where I live.' So we did that and when she got out I told the cabby, 'take me to'" the neighborhood where the most interesting man lives.... which in truth is just where he stays because to the most interesting man, or his son, the world is his playground. As you recall the Most interesting man Sr. actually retired and went to Mars., "but go through Beacon hill so that she thinks that's where I live. The cabby, big Jamaican guy, was laughing the whole way home."

"'That was good! That was good! I'm going to use that.' because my father always said, 'The rabbit never leads the wolf back to his rabbit hole.'"

Stay Thirsty my friends.

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