Thursday, September 22, 2016

Check out this article about Macau's history

Sergio Monteiro, author of Other American Dreams, just wrote this nice article about Macau  on the Cabo Verde Network site.

I feel like I should try to get more about Macau on this blog. I only know a few people from there. They had the Chan Hak Fu vs. Ng Gong Yi fight there, which some argue sparked the whole interest in Wuxia in Hong Kong, or at least the modern Wuxia novels, and therefore the TV Shows and Kung Fu movies... which is like everything right?

A lot of the gangster films have something happen there. 

I took a short trip there from Hong Kong but I didn't really get to absorb the culture at all. Just did some slot machines, went to some bars... actually okay I DO have a funny story. And since this same friend hung out with me in Chinatown.. yeah this will be a later post. 

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