Looking up.

So I know that I aready wrote about this, and I am kind of bummed that I can't watch the Sunday movie... but hey I'm tired, the kids are tired.. I mean Noah went to sleep pretty late last night and he's got camp tomorrow. Above is a picture of us with Master Xuan Yun of Daoist Gate. He has his own blog actually at DaoistGate.com
 I'll try to get more of his story for the Blog later in an interview. I shave a lot of people I want to interview but it's going to have to wait until school starts. And I thought I was running out of stories...
Here are some pictures of our performance. Video to follow. Watching the video made me and Grace crack up so hard! Part of it is that I am seemingly going so hard against a 6 year old. 

I'm going to try and get more involved with ACDC as well. Things are looking up for the Chinatown Blog. To tell the truth I was thinking of letting it die out. Now I realize there are a ton of stories out there. Maybe I should get petitions to sign or something like that to recruit more people like the Cape Verde Network did in Onset. I knew I would learn something if I joined that group. I see a lot more potential fro the Chinatown Blog now.