Keeping your Chinese.

I ran into an old "Uncle" today on the subway. We exchanged kind words with him and my kids. But I realize now that I don't have much to talk about with old Chinese people any more than the weather. Before when I was on a team with them or studying Kung Fu with them there were stories to be told about fights about lion dance about this about that. Things to get heated over and excited. Voices could be raised. Now it's just going to be "Hi" smiles, "Oh your kids are gum dai gau la?" and that's pretty much it.

Feels kind of weird.

But if I am going to keep my Chinese I'm to make all new old Chinese people friends. Because once I know that someone speaks English.. that's it, that's the language I'm going to use. And most of the young people coming over nowadays, well a good number of them anyways, are college educated. I mean they might speak Chinese to each other... but why would they speak Chinese to me?