70% of an American Dream Trumps 100% of a dream that could be smoke.

I saw this article on Facebook about why some immigrants support Trump, talking mostly about Asians... and indeed I have talked to some Chinese and Vietnamese with ties to Boston's Chinatown and Dorchester's Little Vietnam, that have strongly supported Trump (while disliking his rhetoric, since LAST election.

 But I feel like what it also doesn't take into account, because in the end the author is an "anyone but Trump" voter, is that there is also a belief that Whatever Trump says that is bad, is what Hillary will do anyway.

In the 90's there was a huge influx of Fujianese immigrants. But a few things went bad, whether it was gangs or people dying on the trip over, not just to the U.S. but to other countries as well, I recall Hong Kong making a movie about an incident where a whole storage crate of Fujianese suffocated to death.

At any rate, the rumor was that after that, if a Fujianese applied for a Visa to the U.S. the document would be literally be THROWN back at them. So when Trump says he'd temporarily ban Muslims then back pedals on along rich Muslims in... he is saying something insensitive, but at least in rumor and feeling, many believe that is already done.

They focus a lot of Trump saying he doesn't want these or those immigrants. But always leave out that in the next sentence he wants to make it easier for those applying legally to get in.

Basically Trump doesn't look at people as people. He looks at usefulness. It's the old American Businessman thinking that got the railroad built. Yes we want Chinese... to work for us. Twice the work half the pay. Then they half to go back.

That might seem, no actually it is, mean, unfair cut throat.... all of the above. But A lot of Chinese were able to succeed because at least the got to send money back to China and when they went back 10-20 years later, they built Western style houses in Taishan and brought the whole area up through bringing back ideas as well as American Gold.  Being offered 70% of the American Dream with a bamboo ceiling isn't fair. But a lot of people will take it, demeaning racial slurs and all, as long as they think they can get that 70%.

Now Hillary's camp would say, but the democrat's are more inclusive etc.

But there are a lot of Haitians organizing and protesting right now that remember some of Bill Clinton's policies that ended up screwing them when they were in Haiti. Some of them are more riled up than any bigot you could imagine at Trump rally ending speeches and tirades against Clinton and her husband's policies with
"And I am willing to die for this!"

I'm not saying who you should vote for. I'm just saying it's more complicated than even the article mentioned.

As for me I know who I am voting for, but I am too embarrassed to say, which gives you the answer right there. The last two elections I voted for Obama but I liked the other candidates too. My vote for Obama ended up coming from looking at who seemed to be campaigning better (because what else can you really judge a candidate on.) Obama seemed more with it, with his images and rhetoric and more in touch with the American people. Not with their problems. That's not what I am talking about. But more in touch with how people think and how to use Social media... which candidate is better at that?

But if I were to run, here is what my policies would be.

1) we are going to build a TRAIN. The fast trains that already exist.. that will connect us with Mexico so that coming here to work legally will be so easy and convenient and the option of travelling home for holidays so easy that coming here illegally would be a stupid option instead of a better one.

2) Reform Policing heavily through privatization. The government will take a step back by simply policing private security companies that do the street work, with heavy emphasis on Community Policing modeled on Japan's system. Government would save a ton of money. Security (the new police) would get paid what most security officers get paid now... and they would be of a similar ethnic background too. Police unions would hate this and try to block it. To appease them, get all the really hard police that seem to be abusive and instead of firing them bring them over to the EPA which brings me to part

3) Strong Environmental laws with strong police. Oh you made a "mistake" as CEO of BP or Mayor of Flint Michigan putting thousands of Americans in danger of dying slow deaths or miserable lives of pain and suffering? That should definitely result in some policing videos resulting in choke outs and beatings. I.e. there is a place for those cops in society. It just isn't on the streets of communities of color. So this may not be justice. But it would be an improvement for all of American society.

And interestingly, most of my beliefs in this plan have come through looking at the microcosm of America that is Boston's Chinatown.

Chinatown does really well now because of the train system, because people are able to get in to work or eat here.

Policing has changed a lot through Crime Watch, through bringing the Police and the businesses closer together.

And some of the biggest problems in the community are dumping of commercial waste in the neighborhood.