Friday, June 3, 2016

Post Memorial day sweep up

I felt like a real sucker sweeping up after memorial day on Tyler Street. A) I no longer have ties to that block because I am separated from Moh Goon. Also it's like I am some sort of servant to the CCBA (again which is on that block) except I am unpaid. I remember being stopped by someone who thought I was from the City and they asked "Man who did you piss off to get this neighborhood." I.e. nobody wants to sweep in Chinatown. Later in the day I did see a young African American woman sweeping down by the businesses (she really was from the city) Very young. So that probably means bottom of the totem pole. I didn't ask her how much she was getting paid. I don't  know. I guess I thought she might have thought I was being a creep.
If she was older or ugly or a man, maybe I would have asked.

so back to feeling like a sucker fro sweeping for free...

B) That was the nastiest the street has been since right after New Year's. My theory is that it is because street sweeping didn't happen because of Memorial Day.

One of the items (which I did not remove from the street) was a shopping cart. Because what the hell am I supposed to do with that?

Other items were, a dead mouse, someone's whole living room in the playground, a whole back of trash that was extremely heavy...

So on the up side no needles.

But still gross.

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