Marty Walsh's Coffee hour at Elliot Norton

You know, it's funny because I was in a meeting, I think it was the AACA clean Up Chinatown meeting, and we were talking about whether, the Elliot Norton Playground was really in Chinatown. Well, if the Mayor's Coffee hour that is going around to parks in all the neighborhoods hits Elliot Norton for Chinatown... then yes, that is Chinatown right?

Anyway, everyone of importance was there. And I got to say hi to friends and even patch things up a little.

I ran into Uncle Paul.

"Hey I heard you were mad at me."

"I'm not mad at you. Who said that? No you're just doing your thing which you believe is right, and maybe I don't agree with everything you are doing.. but as long as you keep a journalistic perspective and objectivity.."

Well I'm actually not that objective. But I think I am more objective than a lot of the papers. And I will share multiple sides of the story. In any case I feel better about that.

Michelle Wu brought her son and he was playing in the playground.

City Councilors and heavy hitters were milling about and old people were looking for free coffee and flower pots.

I went to one of these things in JP and honestly the whole feel of it was completely different. First off, the plants were just up for grabs for anyone to take.  And in the end, they had extras left over. The JP one was at the Tot Lot, the starting place of JP Moms (sometimes called JP mobs, a story for another blog altogether)

I also collected some other stories that might be of interest. I was running dry and today I have like a week's worth of posts in one day. Go figure.