Monday, June 13, 2016

Invisible forces

You know on the one hand it's really hard to figure out what is going on in Chinatown. On the other hand, people who gossip can tell you everything about pretty much everyone. And these same people will tell you "Ngau MM lei li di" I don't pay attention.

When i wrote "Kung Fu and the Invisible Hand" I played with this idea in short stories that I just made up. Some would argue that I should have stuck to that, so as to remain out of trouble. But I don't regret writing stuff on this blog that was controversial. Some China Bloggers once talked about writing controversial things and how that in order to know where the wall was, the limit to speech, in China was, you had to test it and only then did you know where it was.

Technically in the United States, we talk about Freedom of speech. That is not to say there aren't limits to free speech by law. There are also social limits. People will hate you or attack you if you say certain things. And that limit, in Chinatown, is perhaps even more restrictive.

But really what I learned, is about illusions. Not to say that I know more now. What I learned I always suspected to be true, but to truly find out, somethings you just need to test. I was never a tester as a child or an adolescent and so I have had to find out quite late, what most people would probably already have learned in Kindergarten.

In my next post I think I will continue to talk about some Chinatown Politics and what I have learned from campaigning for Diana Hwang (some of the backlash from that) and compare that to Leland Cheung's Campaign. Unless something more interesting comes up.

In any case, Leland Cheung is running for State Senate and the Election is November 3rd. It is a ways off. Chinatown is not in the district. But of course this is related to Chinatown. If it wasn't than why does Leland come to a lot of the Family Banquets?  To think that Chinatown is a completely separate community from other Chinese or Asian communities is ridiculous. Of course it is all interrelated as Chinatown tends to be the meeting place for many Chinese and Asians in general.

It is no longer THE meeting place. But it is one of the centers.

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