Saturday, June 18, 2016

Chinatown alternatives?

Here's a story from a friend.

"Travelling to LA or Texas or whatever you get a lot more diversity.... and authenticity. I mean you go to a Japanese restaurant and it isn't a Japanese restaurant run by Chinese people. It's real Japanese people and real Japanese customers speaking Japanese. The food is good. It's in a strip mall so everything is well lit and ventilated... and also it's approachable so you see a lot of Indians and other types of people in the restaurant. People who might be afraid to go to Chinatown for whatever reason. I mean they aren't going to go into Chinatown because the parking or the language barrier or who knows but that doesn't mean they don't like real Asian food. And next to the Japanese restaurant you get a Korean Market. It's all cheaper because the land is cheap and just more welcoming to outsiders."

I also took a trip to Malden and had that experience. We had at Yong Yong something or other for Dim Sum and then went over to 99 Asian Supermarket. It wasn't as crazy as Chinatown is on the weekends. 

The Dim Sum was the easier kind that you just tick off the menu. You can get it like that at Bubor Cha Cha too. ANd I think I prefer it that way. That way when I'm eating it's not so intense and high stress. On the other hand. When you get dim sum from a cart you get it all right there at once. I guess there are draw backs and benefits to both systems. 

Anyway, more on the Malden experience next time. It was like Chinatown... but in a lot of ways it was different too. 

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