Friday, June 10, 2016

An Old Opium Story

Well as it was told to me it was Opium. But I think Heroin probably makes more sense. Stories change when passed along in the same language. When you have to translate too? Of course things get mixed up. In any case it is an Opioid story.

I thought originally that this took place in the 60's, but that might not make too much sense. Maybe this was more like the 20's before the Red scare and before the FBI started looking at all Chinese as potential Communist Spies regardless of whether that was true or not. When China was sort of America's little brother.

The story goes like this. These Chinese guys are trafficking an Opioid. But going through customs, barrels tip over and all of the product spills out for everyone to see.

What happens next?

Arrests. Now there caught right?

Actually no.

Nobody even panics.

The product is calmly picked up and put back in the barrels and brought right in.

How is this possible?

The answer is simple.

The Border people, customs, officials, whatever you want to call them... they were on the take... not as individuals. But the whole government organization was paid off. This was back in the day when nobody gave a crap about the Opioid epidemic because those drugs were seen a problem fro people of Color.

Of course there were white people that did these drugs and there were also some anti Chinese movements that claimed that this drug was so dangerous because it encouraged white women to sleep with Chinese men, and you can't have that. Any time you want to condemn a substance or a form of music or an art, just say it encourages mixing of the races.

Think about that in today's terms.

Many more of us are mixed and accepted as being so (I say this because we've always been a lot more mixed than we admitted, it's just that now it is more or less okay. People against mixed race tend to be on the fringes.)

But what with all the "Build a wall" rhetoric. Let's think of this (and for the record, even though I think the whole wall thing is stupid, I'm actually voting for Trump. I have my reasons. But it still doesn't make me agree with all that he says.)

There were laws in this story. There were agents of the government... but they were in on it. They were part of the problem. They were taking money from the Drug Traffickers... and They were also taking money from the taxpayer. So what good is that? If it was a corrupt private company handling it. You fire them and hire a new one.

Supposedly this story happened here in Boston too. Anyone know more details? Any corrections to my version?

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