Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Chinwich

The other day I went to Double Chin's and ordered the beef brisket Chinwich. I think the bread is scallion pancake. I guess it is a lot like those Taiwanese beef roll ups. But I do not deny.. that I have spent a few hours and days afterward thinking about how good that sandwich was. As a half Chinese Half European mix of an American.. that is the type of mix that... well that is the good kind of mix. The kind of mix that makes you glad that cultures fuse and come together.
I think that sandwich has the potential to break all the way through to mainstream America along with the Hot Dog and the Hamburger (German foods) and Apple Pie (Franco Jewish). At the same time it retains all the taste and goodness of the Chinese flavor. Crispy and beef brisket chewy... that feeling of gulping down goodness... man you have to try it.

My friend got the half duck and some vegetables. It looked good but I really wanted to try something that I couldn't get elsewhere in Chinatown. Plus I thought, "Can you really eat half a duck for lunch?" but yes you can, and will.

I might start making Double Chin my go to place.

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