Friday, May 13, 2016

Tai Chi in the park

Today I was in a rush to get into Chinatown and the AACA clean Up Chinatown meeting. (Which I will talk about next post) But I saw Tim Lavelle of Chiu Moh Kwoon teaching a group of people Chi Gung over by the Round Church playground by Little Panda. Now in the past I would have just observed. Maybe people seeing me following along may think that by me following along.. that means I'm not as good. Or... maybe it could be seen as me being subversive in some way or starting trouble. But I have made a decision to start absorbing everything around me, (martial arts and other wise.) and it's nice to be in the student position.

Sifu Tim Lavelle was running a class for a group of students who were visiting Chinatown from out of State. To be clear, they were all white. I had just seen another such group that was a Mandarin class at the CCBA a few weeks ago as well. And as I write this, I am reminded of the fact that I haven't e-mailed them yet.

Basically I definitely see these type of groups and tours as VERY important to Chinatown's future.

I also enjoyed the class. Sifu Tim had very good explanations for moves, applications, and Yin and Yang force, bringing in F=MA into the conversation about a hand technique relying on being relaxed and putting power at the end to generate the most force.

A bunch of Little Panda teachers and students passed by and saw me.

"Hey it's Kung Fu Laoshr.... learning Kung Fu?"

You know, I think if you did all the Kung Fu classes that are around and stiff online and actually practiced...I think would would not be bad at all. Potentially you could even become a master in this way by learning from your surroundings, putting in effort in your practice... and then of course the most important thing of all is Life Experience. It was really cool talking to Sifu Tim and the teachers from the school (I will post about who they were and why they had this event when I do some more research.) And doing the Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Tam Tui and Hung Gar as an intro student was really fun and quite relaxing.

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