Monday, May 9, 2016

Language and Communications Access for City Services

On May 10 their going to hold a hearing on Tuesday May 10 about this at City Hall. It was sponsored by Michelle Wu and Timothy McCarthy. Lydia Lowe e-mailed me a PDF and I really wish I knew how to just paste the image up here on the blog. But then I probably wouldn't even read it myself. I guess anyone can go to this thing. For me this highlights an issue that is actually more technological than cultural. I mean in a world with Google Translate and all that, why is this even an issue? I mean government especially local government.. especially Boston is SOOO far behind the private sector when it comes to the type of technology being used and also just the mindset. Individuals are catching up yes. And yeah you can Tweet to 311 and stuff like that. In fact you can Tweet to Michelle Wu and Marty Walsh.. and they'll respond! But as a system, whether it is housing or our schools I think you can see that  a lot of the way things are done hasn't changed since the 50's

The elderly and especially Chinese elderly supposedly are not online etc. But the 50 somethings all have "we chat"  I don't know what other social media type things there are in other countries because I am not that hip myself. There is LINE in Japan and I heard Wassup is big in Brazil. (AKA sup) I mean probably you would have an intern handle such a thing, getting the word out to constituents etc. Or maybe you go through Community organizations like the CPA.

Should there be someone working for the City that handles all these things? If there is.. are they any good? Maybe there should be more of a relationship between the City and certain parts of the Private sector. These are all issues that are probably complicated and potentially dangerous, and if not, will be seen that way at any rate.

Well if you are reading this in English, chances are you haven't had trouble with access to city services due to language barriers. And to turn the criticism inward, I am the Chinatown Blog guy but I do not have We Chat. And I can't write this post in Chinese. So I guess tell your friends and parents who have had issues. I definitely can't make this hearing.

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